Chelsea Ratcliff Bush

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Welcome to the class blog for Introduction to News Writing, Section 004, Summer 2016. Below you’ll find a collection of stories from student-journalists in this course!


Enterprise Stories:

Is Donald Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan a Bad Idea? by SAMUEL DAMIANI DE BARROS

Rags to Riches to Rags: Why Pro Athletes Go for Broke by RAY STOWERS


Are You a Skimpy Tipper? by FALANDE SWAIN

When “The Big One” Strikes by SPENCER SCHWENDIMAN

University of Utah: An Academic Melting Pot by ANGEL CORTES

Putting Our Heads in the Sand About Sex Ed by Dustyn Burt

The Abandoned Gateway by Hannah Broady

Lodestone Regional Park: The new face of Kearns Township by Heilala Potesio

Ignobility of the Masses by Sam Knuth


Profile Stories:

From Beauty Queen to Banker by ADAM FONDREN


Meet Chevron’s Spokesperson, Mikal Byrd by RAY STOWERS

Building the Boaz Brand by SAM KNUTH

The Life of a Student Athlete by SAMUEL DAMIANI DE BARROS

Mike Tuiasoa and Watchtower Cafe: The Powers of Caffeine and Comics Unite by HEILALA POTESIO

From Vietnam to Salt Lake City Salon Owner by FALANDE SWAIN


How Teton Sports is getting more people outdoors by SPENCER SCHWENDIMAN

Malibu Jack’s: bringing fun Hollywood-style to Kentucky by ANGEL CORTES