Professor Kimberley Mangun


U News Writing students take a break in October 2017 after pitching ideas for their enterprise stories. Back row, from left: Ryker Jackson and Jackson Caldwell. Front, from left: Professor Kimberley Mangun, Lori Kunz, Kaylee Anderson, Jasmyne Reynolds, Zaina Abujebarah, Britt Brooks, Samantha Shaw, Zach Davis, Rachel Beus, Taylor Lines-Gaultney, Reem Ikram, Dominic Nguyen, María Hernandez, Savannah Bernardo. Not pictured: Abigail Sabir and Parker Schlaf.

Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Zaina Abujebarah; Kaylee Anderson; Savannah Bernardo; Rachel Beus; Britt Brooks; Jackson Caldwell; Zach Davis; María Hernandez; Reem Ikram; Ryker Jackson; Lori Kunz; Taylor Lines-Gaultney; Dominic Nguyen; Jasmyne Reynolds; Abigail Sabir; Parker Schlaf; Sam Shaw.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important stories during the semester, including: stories to come!

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